Media Statement - Essure Information

The health and safety of the patients who rely on our products is our greatest priority. We have great sympathy for anyone who has experienced health problems while using any of our products, regardless of cause. Bayer believes it has strong defences and will continue to defend itself vigorously in Court. We are confident that the evidence in this case will demonstrate the company is not responsible for the alleged injuries.   


Bayer stands behind the safety and efficacy of Essure which is supported by an extensive body of research (including 10 clinical trials and over 70 real-world observational studies), undertaken by Bayer and independent medical researchers, involving more than 270,000 women over the past two decades.   


Women who currently have Essure in place may continue to confidently rely on the device. Bayer will continue to support women with Essure and their healthcare providers. If a woman with Essure has concerns or questions about the device, she is encouraged to discuss these with her healthcare provider.


About Essure 

Essure is a female contraceptive device that came onto the Australian market in 1999.  The product was added to the Bayer contraceptive portfolio in June 2013 following Bayer’s acquisition of Conceptus (the manufacturer of Essure). At the time of acquisition there was a large world-wide market for permanent contraception and Essure was the only non-incisional option for women seeking permanent birth control. In 2017, as demand for this form of permanent contraception diminished, Bayer discontinued the distribution of Essure in Australia. 

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