Discover the new Better Agriculture podcast


If you are interested in how cutting-edge research and tools are developed for farmers and the agriculture sector, our new podcast series is for you! Find out what’s new and next in Australian agriculture with the Bayer Team.

The Better Agriculture Podcast takes listeners behind the scenes of the world’s advancements in agriculture, gene and digital technologies that help Australian agriculture reach its potential.

Our first episode dives into Australia’s role in feeding the world, as well as making nutritious food affordable and accessible here at home. Our host Ed Gannon is joined by Warren Inwood, Managing Director for Bayer Crop Science Australian New Zealand, and Caitlin McConnel, Chair at Future Farmers Network (FFN)

With an increasing population placing more demand on the agriculture sector, food security is a growing issue around the world.

Science is a big part of the solution to help farmers remain productive in a changing climate. But agriculture also needs the right policy settings to support growers. Bayer has been working with farmers across the country to find ways that science can help build resilient crops against climate change.