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A New Era in Life Science is Here: what does this mean for health and nutrition?

While still in its early stages, the convergence of chemistry, biology and data science to accelerate innovation is much more than a theoretical scientific concept. Scientists around the world are already working on applications that leverage today’s enhanced technological toolkit to decode and engineer biology for the benefit of people and the planet.

We are driven to push the limits of what medicine can do today. Cell and gene therapies can move the needle from managing sick care, to providing true healthcare. Precise, personalized care could one day be available to everyone on the planet — before they get sick.

In agriculture, biotechnology will be a critical enabler for our ability to feed the 10 billion people that will be on the planet by 2050 while at the same time fighting the impact of climate change. To grow more food with fewer resources like water, we will need to shift to a regenerative approach and make crops more resilient to climate impacts. Shorter stature corn, and the number of resources it saves by not snapping in high winds, is just one example of climate-smart agriculture already in action. And advances in digital farming are giving growers the opportunity to maximize the amount of carbon they capture from the atmosphere. Our work to establish the carbon marketplace is one more example of genetics and data coming together to help solve what previously seemed unsolvable.

Health and nutrition are among the most basic needs of societies around the globe. It’s the definition of systemic relevance. Based on the converging worlds of genes, cells and data, we see a new foundation for scientific breakthroughs in those areas.
Werner Baumann
Chairman of the Board of Management (CEO) of Bayer AG

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1.Headlines of the Future - A podcast by Bayer, Episode 4: Decoding Healthy Aging ( – The Imminent Wave of Aging

Date of Preparation: April 2022 / COR-CON-AU-0017-1

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