Sustainable Futures

Bayer is proud to partner with CSIRO in delivering Sustainable Futures, a program that combines the latest in climate science with education for sustainability to over 450 schools across Australia. This program was formerly known as Carbon Kids.

The Sustainable Futures program is suitable for schools to use with students in years 3 - 9. Upon registration schools receive a set of educational resources which offer a range of ideas and activities to support the teaching of sustainability and environment.


The goals of the program are to:

- Spark an interest in science, technology and sustainability in primary students

- Encourage students to develop skills in the process of enquiry, literature research, experimental investigation and critical thinking

- Facilitate collaborative learning

- promote a critical and action based approach to problem solving


Sustainable Futures aims to provide registered schools with the following support:

- Integrated curriculum units for years 3 - 9

- A wealth of cross-curricular activities

- Development of actions for individuals and student groups to take at school and/or at home

- Opportunities for student delegates to develop leadership, presentation and communication skills

- Chance to meet 'real' scientists

- An annual workshop for student, facilitated by CSIRO scientists.


Sustainable Futures Education Program from CSIRO on Vimeo.


For more information on the Sustainable Futures program, including how your school can get involved => click here.