Help for people in need

Our corporate social responsibility has traditionally involved assistance for those in need and efforts to improve social conditions in all the countries in which we are active.

Important tools of our social responsibility include donations and support for long-term projects according to the principle "helping people to help themselves." Here we cooperate closely with both government institutions and non-governmental organisations.

Active Farmers

Bayer Australia has announced a new partnership with Active Farmers to support the delivery of fitness programs across rural Australia, aimed at improving the physical and mental wellbeing of farming communities in remote areas and drought affected communities.
The fitness program, not only helps farmers to get physical, but also tackles mental illness. While the prevalence of mental illness is considered similar in urban and regional Australia, the rate of suicide is almost double in remote areas.1
Founder and CEO of Active Farmers Ginny Stevens says: “For farmers and people living in rural communities, the benefits of participating in group fitness aren’t just physical but mental and social as well. The support of Bayer Australia will not only allow us to expand our reach, but offer free group fitness classes for 4 weeks to those situated in drought affected areas. This support will make a true difference to the health and wellbeing of more rural communities across Australia.”
Commencing in 2020, Bayer Australia will be a platinum partner of Active Farmers for an initial three-year period.

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Bayer Australia in partnership with Foodbank will refocus the partnership to invest behind the Foodbank Key Staples Program.

1 in 5 Australians have experienced food insecurity in the last 12 months. Foodbank Australia actively purchases product as part of our Key Staples Program in order to provide a consistent & reliable source of food to those in need. Due to the ongoing drought, summer bushfires and now Covid-19, Foodbank has seen dramatic reductions in the donation of essential food and groceries across the sector which it need to counteract with active purchasing.

Bayer support of $60,000 invested into their Key Staples Program will generate 120,000 meals for everyday Australians who need it most. The Key Staples Program will not only address people’s immediate nutrition needs but also contribute to improvements in their health, emotional wellbeing, sense of self-worth, social relationships and ultimately overall standard of living.  

The benefit to the individual and the broader community that flows from this support will yield a social return on investment of just over $1.5million.

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Mission Australia

Mission Australia is a non‐denominational Christian community service organisation that has been helping people to regain their independence for over 155 years.


Independence is something we all strive for, but life rarely turns out as planned. We’ve learnt the reasons behind a loss of independence and the paths to getting it back are different for everyone.


This informs how we work to reduce homelessness and strengthen communities across

Australia, through homelessness initiatives and affordable housing, early learning and youth services, family support, and employment and skills development.


Our nationwide team of over 3,500 staff applies different approaches, inspired by Christian values. We are joined by government, our corporate partners and everyday Australians who provide generous support.


Together, we stand with Australians in need until they can stand for themselves. 

Toby Hall, CEO, Mission Australia explains, “The support we receive from companies like Bayer and their staff is absolutely invaluable to Mission Australia in continuing its work with Australians in need.”


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National Youth Science Forum

NYSF is a not-for-profit organisation that runs residential outreach programs to encourage young people in their passion for science. Bayer is the first agri-science company to partner with NYSF.
Bayer seeks to support students from regional communities with access to the best opportunities for career development in science and technology.
This fits with the company’s broad-based life sciences business which contributes to finding solutions to some of the major challenges of our time, including improving quality of life for a growing population and providing a reliable supply of high-quality food, feed and plant-based raw materials.

The NYSF Program complements other Bayer programs supporting youth in education to promote future innovation through hands-on, inquiry-based science learning. In Australia these include:
· Post-Doctoral Training in partnership with the Grains Research and Development Corporation, 33 two-year post-doctoral training positions are offered to Australian researchers in Bayer, Germany
· Youth Ag-Summit brings together young adults from around the world and leading thinkers and stakeholders to work on joint solutions for sustainable agriculture and global food challenges
· Future Farmers Network supporting early career development of young farmers and other professionals in the agriculture sector
· The Falling Walls Foundation, involving the German Embassy, Australian Academy of Science and Bayer, provides a platform for international and interdisciplinary exchange on science and society.

CSANZ Research Grant – two grants to young researchers in the field of cardiovascular science, to facilitate ongoing innovation.

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The Kids’ Cancer Project

Bayer Australia is proud to support The Kids’ Cancer Project.


The Kids’ Cancer Project believes all kids with cancer matter and are dedicated to achieving one hundred percent survival for children with cancer while minimising or eradicating the harmful impact of treatment.


The Kids’ Cancer Project identifies and selects scientists and allocate community entrusted funds to research projects. They collaborate with clinicians, researchers, families, government and the community to raise awareness and funds to invest in childhood cancer research.


We’re inspired by children with cancer and their families and have taken a patient-family centric approach to tackling the issues they bravely face.


Our independence allows us to find and fund research that puts kids first and our Research Advisory Committee provides expertise in the selection of projects and our impact.


“We are very excited to have Bayer as a corporate partner and we look forward to working together to support cutting edge scientific research to give children with cancer a better life” said Col Reynolds, CEO of The Kids’ Cancer Project.


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Heart of Australia

Bayer is proud to support Heart of Australia, an initiative providing front-line specialist medical services to regional, rural and remote area communities across Queensland, with a customised road train – a specialist medical clinic-on-wheels.


The Heart of Australia truck has travelled more than 72,000km in its first year on the road, covering an area of more than 450,000 square kilometres.


Heart of Australia is breaking the grip of distance that denies rural and remote-area Australians access to services when and where they are needed most.


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