Help for people in need

Bayer's corporate social responsibility has traditionally involved assistance for those in need and efforts to improve social conditions in all the countries in which the company is active. Important tools of our social responsibility include donations and support for long-term projects according to the principle "helping people to help themselves." Here we cooperate closely with both government institutions and non-governmental organisations.

Not for profit partnerships

In Australia Bayer is proud to support The Kids’ Cancer Project, Mission Australia, and Aussie Helpers as our main not-for-profit partners. In New Zealand Bayer supports United Way.  » more

Responding in times of need

As a citizen of the global community, Bayer seeks to assist those in need and lessen human suffering. The company donates a wide range of products in response to natural disasters, to assist charitable programs and in answer to individual needs.  » more

Bayer Pharmaceuticals sponsorships of health consumer organisations

Bayer Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing independent non-directed support to Health Consumer Organisations – or patient groups – with the goal of providing patients with disease-related information enhancing quality use of medicine to support better health outcomes for the Australian community. » more

Heart of Australia

Bayer is sponsoring a new initiative to provide front-line specialist medical services to regional, rural and remote area communities across Queensland with a customised road train – a specialist medical clinic-on-wheels. The Heart of Australia truck plans to travel more than 72,000km across southwest Queensland in its first year on the road. Find out more here