Crop Science

Bayer's Crop Science division encompasses three business units: Crop Protection; Environmental Science; and Seeds. The company aims to be recognised as being integral to the sustainable production of food and fibre crops in Australia and New Zealand, helping to secure our food supply now and for the future.


Bayer offers farmers an extensive range of premium products and expertise. We are committed to the research and development of sustainable solutions in the areas of chemistry, biotechnology and seeds.


At Bayer, we adhere to the most stringent standards with respect to products and processes; striving to ensure quality and safety walk hand-in-hand.


Growth is generated by quality relationships. To ensure Bayer is the first choice of primary producers, resellers and consumers, we understand that we must demonstrate a clear conviction for delivering value. We work together with growers to help them grow healthier crops more efficiently and responsibly.


Our leading global position in all three businesses has been achieved by high-calibre employees, comprehensive and smart solutions and outstanding systems and service. The real value to our customers is in the experience of dealing with our people and their in-depth knowledge of our products.


Because Australian and New Zealand farmers are innovative, Bayer can continue to bring innovative solutions to market.


Bayer welcomes your feedback and queries, so please visit, or send an email by clicking here. For information on Crop Science in New Zealand, please visit

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